Posted by: Judy | October 27, 2016

Ray of Sunshine…

I’ve mentioned I’m sorting through my music CDs. I’m down to one more shelf. The important part is that this shelf contained my collection of Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire CDs composed by Chip Davis. It’s been ages. Listening to them, I remember well why I collected the whole series. I’m looking forward to listening to them again. I’m endeavoring to replace some of my television watching with the CDs.

An entire shelf-worth of CDs have been released to bless someone else’s life.

The sorting process is creeping into other aspects of my life. Going through food storage and using the oldest. Letting go of books that no longer bring me joy when I look at them (usually because the author has changed their style). One of these days, it’s going to be DVDs, but not yet.

Now, to work my writing back into my schedule. I’m awaiting the publisher’s edits on my current book with them. Other decisions to make in that area, but not today.

Praising God in the storm.


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