Posted by: Judy | October 26, 2016

Surprise! I’m stressed…

No surprise, although I’ve been thinking I shouldn’t be stressed. I’m so accustomed to putting a lid on things when the world “explodes.”

I’m gradually setting some boundaries, i.e., recognizing that there are some things I can’t handle. I’m doing what I’m able. I need more sleep, but morning will bring more to do that I’m not accustomed to doing.

A routine is necessary for me to function, and mine is completely out of wack.

I want to sleep or read, but writing needs to be done. The month is almost over and I’m so far behind in my plans…

It probably didn’t help that I woke, yesterday, with a low-pounding headache that’s stuck around all day. I took ibuprofen Sunday and Monday for crippling pain, though only in the morning. However, I’m so hypersensitive, it’s enough to give me a rebound headache. Fortunately, the pain that forced me to take the medication has subsided.

The future is more uncertain than usual. I’m endeavoring to be a stabling force in my corner of the chaos.

Sleep would help, but my sleeping pattern is wonky, waking every few hours.

Stressing and eating badly goes hand in hand. Working to improve. I’m not good at it, but I’m not throwing in the towel either.

I’ve said ‘no’ to several things I wanted to do but simply couldn’t add one more thing to the plate. It hasn’t helped that a couple of my favorite authors have “let me down.” Never a good sign when I want to shred the book. They’ve changed their style enough that I don’t enjoy them anymore. Blessedly, I’ve found some new authors, but it’s still sad closing the door on “old friends.”

I’m endeavoring to take life one day at a time. I’m also working at praising God in the storm. I’m not good at it. Definitely one of those practice 3,000-7,000x a day. I’m not good at that either, but working on it.



  1. When the future is so uncertain, I take it an hour at a time–not even a day:). And I trust God has it.

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