Posted by: Judy | October 12, 2016


Over on Beholding Him Ministries, last Saturday, the reflection was on short term memories, pointing to the Israelites.

BHM has been taking their readers through the time of Moses. The Israelites are free of Egypt but complaining. They harken back to how good things were in Egypt, comparatively speaking, completely ignoring how awful it was. This raised the question of how often do we look and wish we could go back?

I know I complain about God not being there, when He is, and God ignoring me, when He isn’t. However, I had to ask myself, “Do I ever wish I could go back to some other time?”

My first response is absolutely not… and then I remember how I sometimes wish I could go back and work in Yellowstone again. I wish I could go back to Europe. There are these little moments… and I need to stop.

The truth: I am a better person than I have ever been.

I miss my dog and my horse. They helped make me this better person, but I wouldn’t go back.


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