Posted by: Judy | September 19, 2016


As of this writing, I’m a little short of half way through the manuscript. I have until the 30th to finish, including finishing publishing requirements, like writing the blurb.

I know people have been praying for me to be able to complete this project. I’m grateful. It helps.

I made a change in my 50 words goal. I broke the book up in to 500-word chunks. This is working better. I have a sheet of paper with all the 500s I need to finish. I star one as soon as it’s finished. I use a different color pen each day for the stars. I’m allowed to take a break after each chunk. The larger sections help me track the story better.

For my sanity, I’ve a germ of an idea for another 4-book series, set earlier in the Regency Era. Like most writers, I fear there won’t be another idea, especially when I go so long with my brain being essentially blank in the creative department.

I may post mostly pictures this week. I’ll see how it goes. Maybe, I’ll use each post as an opportunity to report the previous day’s progress.



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