Posted by: Judy | September 13, 2016

Writing and PTSD

Warrior’s Landing, one of the pages I follow on social media, shared a post on the value of writing in dealing with PTSD.

Some of us take it a little further and create novellas and stories. Okay, I took it further, a lot further. I wonder if perhaps my path to being an author wasn’t inevitable.

I work out my confusion and questions in my books… I’ve been struggling with my latest. My hero is so focused on his path, while I’m struggling to keep thoughts in my head. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling “blank.” It happens, from time to time. It’s problematic with a deadline looming.

In the last few days, I’ve come to realize that I need to allow my hero to be focused and give my heroine the opportunity to express my current frame of mind. She’s a hider. No wonder I was having trouble writing her. She’s exceptionally good at it. I’m going to need to write a lot faster if I’m going to finish on time.


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