Posted by: Judy | September 2, 2016

Good News Friday

*Computer is up and running. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. I mean EVERYONE. The list is longer than a superstar’s acceptance speech.

*Oldest brother read my social media status (I really, really hate MS Word) and called. He talked me down from the ledge and helped me solve two of the problems. Thank you!

*Defrosted fridge.

*Wrote a post for a writers’ blog, posting on Monday.

*Elise Phillips, a fellow author with my publisher, helped me solve some MS Word formatting problems.

*Another online friend, Chad Hart, helped me figure out my photos so I’m able to post them again. Yay!

*Dog time.

*Bavarian Cream croissant and hot chocolate at P.croissant.

*Cardinals 59′ field goal. Impressive to see. Go Cardinals!

What was something good in your week?




  1. Wow! Bavarian cream croissant and hot chocolate! Double yummy!!! 1.) Did some shopping this week. 2.) Enjoyed a great hot dark chocolate at the bakery. Mmm. 3.) Really enjoying this cooler weather. 🙂 4.) Found “Rebecca,” by Daphne Du Maurier. I’d been looking for it for awhile and didn’t want to order it. Finally found it. YAY! 5.) Reading Romans in the NT. I hadn’t read it for awhile. 🙂

    • Awesome good things. Thanks for sharing them, Kathy! 🙂

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