Posted by: Judy | August 30, 2016

Sharing Ginger Kolbaba’s post…

I’ve read a couple of her books and enjoy them, The Old Fashioned Way and Your Best Happily Ever After (both nonfiction).

She shared a bit of her history on her blog. I enjoyed reading it.

As I read, a thought popped into my head: Did any of my teachers give me feedback on what I could do with my life? Only one and only once that I can remember. Mrs. Davis, my creative writing teacher. I can’t remember if I was a junior or a senior in high school. She thought I should pursue writing.

At that age, I know what taped kicked in: “You can’t make money writing. Go into engineering. It’s where the money is.” I even believed it. I had no aptitude for math, and yet I believed that somehow that would magically change. If only I applied myself. If only I tried harder. Never mind my math grade was gradually dropping. Somehow, I’d turn it around. I simply needed to apply myself better.

It only took me 30 years to come to my sense, although I  was right. I’m not making much money writing, but I would have made less as an engineer. I would have been unemployed but hopefully not in jail for making too many mathematical errors or murdering some hapless computer.

I really don’t like Microsoft Office 2016. LOL! Maintain the sense of humor. I also still haven’t figured out how to save my pictures from my old computer to my new one, so this is another repeat photo. This isn’t mine, but it’s certainly apropos:



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