Posted by: Judy | August 29, 2016


I’m currently reading Eric Metaxas’ book Miracles. As I read, I’m underlining bits significant to me and writing notes in the margins. I didn’t used to write in books, now I recognize the value of adding my own thoughts.

He has his definition, and he may not agree with this is one I heard years ago: Miracles occur when God employes natural laws with which He is intimately familiar in ways unfamiliar to us.

Bumper Sticker I saw long ago: I believe in the Big Bang theory. God said, “Let there be Light.” BANG! There was light.

My computer and all the necessary parts arrived, last week. Saturday, my sister blessedly helped me. I couldn’t attach the positive battery on the battery backup/surge protector. I’ve done it for the three others I’ve owned over the years. My frustration was mounting. She did it for me.

I made a mistake in the setup, so we stopped and started over part way through. This time, the online connection wouldn’t work. I called Cox. I so appreciate the techs at Cox. William worked with me patiently. I grew frustrated with myself, and he stopped the conversation, informing me that he had two rules. One, I wasn’t allowed to swear at him. I’d never do that. Two, I wasn’t allowed to be impatient with myself or talk to myself badly because I was working on something I didn’t usually do and wasn’t the expert. Obviously, I’m connected to the internet.

One of my nephews helped with “Office,” but then it was taking forever to download. My new speedy modem wasn’t making a difference. My sister came back after playing grandma. She’s a tech and checked everything possible. We ended up having to contact Microsoft and letting a tech take over my computer. I wasn’t worried since I didn’t have anything on it yet, except what it came with. Rob L zipped through everything and had to do some things we couldn’t do. He had to reconfigure my internet, which he changed back when he was done, and worked through the download in less than five minutes. I literally could not have done it myself. I wonder how many others know this?

My sister kindly hung our for another half hour while I checked to see if I could download my Bookmarks. I love Mac, so easy! I spent the next two hours visiting sites, like WordPress, to make sure everything was working the same for me.

My complaints about my new Mac: I miss my Logitech trackball mouse. Mac doesn’t offer it. I haven’t figure out how to make my documents more accessible, yet. LOL! I know, so many complaints.

My complaint about Microsoft: I don’t need all the extra programs in Office. I only need Word, but you can’t buy Word alone. So MS is hogging all this space on my computer. I’m going to look into alternatives. For the moment, I must have it for work, but things change.

I woke Sunday morning to my post here and a comment by ntexas99 and this prayer:

I enjoy Debbie’s daily prayers and pictures.

The setup isn’t finished. I still need to attach my printer, which I don’t need for a while. There will be a few more firsts, but I’m settling in.

One final thought, I so appreciate my sister. It may sound stupid to some, but it didn’t to my sister. She held me while I cried as I turned off my old computer for the last time. And yes, I’m crying as I write this. It served me faithfully for seven years. All of my currently published books were written on that Mac. It was my first Mac after the leaving the PC world. It spared me so much frustration. I thanked God every day for that computer, and I will thank God every day for this one. It’s a good habit.

Reposting a photo from three years ago, as I haven’t figured out the photo file, yet. 🙂 I’m endeavoring to not do everything all at once.



  1. Hugs. We bless each other. Love ya’ Ruth

    • ((Ruth))

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