Posted by: Judy | August 28, 2016

A bit of inspiration…

In the scriptures, God instructs praying over everything. He sees a need to be specific, even as He understands the wordless prayers, the ones that rise from the heart, those too deep for words.



  1. My Mother repeated the idea, (over and over and over again, until it became naturally associated with memories of her), that to pray for someone “by name” was like adding an extra layer of earnestness to your prayer. To this day, I tend to think of her when sending up those type of prayers.

    The other one that I always remember about her, is that any time she heard or passed an ambulance or fire truck, she would quietly say a prayer out loud for those involved, as well as for their families, asking God to give them strength during their time of need. After my Mom passed, I remember being so much more aware of how she had an extremely generous heart. Still miss her all the time.

    I also believe in those “wordless” prayers. Especially those.

  2. What heartwarming memories. I think adding a name adds awareness in us; earnestness is a great way to describe it. I also pray when I hear sirens and thank God help is on the way. Thanks ((ntexas99))

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