Posted by: Judy | August 23, 2016


One of the blogs I follow, Expressions of Me, answered some random questions, one of which was “Do you collect anything?”

As I began my answer, I realized it was growing rather lengthy, so I decided to answer it here. I collect dishes. Books and other things, too, but those aren’t for this discussion.

As a child, I collected Breyer Horses, model horses. I still have the black ones, a teak one from Thailand I brought home with me, a carved pecan shell one, one of spun glass, ceramic… I should probably photograph them. I gave most of the others to one of my nieces who’s horse crazy, like me. Blessedly, her parents are supportive.

I buy a single place setting. If it only comes in a set of four, I use the others as gifts; give away plates of cookies and the plate doesn’t have to be returned… I should write a blog post about this.

I’m not sure if anyone is really interested in seeing all the patterns, but here are a few:


I suspect they were supposed to be serving dishes, but these are my October and November plate and bowl.


Christmas. There were more pieces, serving bowls, etc, but these were the ones I chose. After all, there’s only so much space to store things.

I’ve posted a couple of the pieces, little place and pitcher, from the Italian Sunflower design. I have probably a dozen other designs.

I wanted a way to make meals special, especially when there’s no “occasion.”


  1. I love the Christmas dishes! 🙂

    • Me, too. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing! I like the red, perfect for holidays, I usually see those type of dishes in blue. Sometimes those “no occasion” special occasions are even better! No sense your pretty things gathering dust when they can make you smile.

    • I have a different pattern in blue. 🙂 Maybe I’ll take pictures of each pattern and share them at random times. 😀

  3. How neat! 🙂 My mom adores those red dishes! She has some blue willow dishes that she really likes, but red is her favorite color. 😉

    • I do love the Christmas dishes. I use them all through December. I have a blue design as well, “Staffordshire Engravings 17th Century.” I’ll take a picture and post if after the new computer is set up. 🙂

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