Posted by: Judy | August 16, 2016

Fine Tuning

I’m allowing myself three Dove Promise, dark chocolate, a day. Health benefits, you know. If I want another, I have to choose a piece of paper first. Interestingly enough, I’d been having trouble with eating sometimes six Dove Promises a day. Since I changed how I reach for them, I’ve eaten no more than three and sometimes none a day.

I also want to change how I spend the money I save shopping for food, or not shopping for food. The original plan was to use what I save to spend on books and clothes. I’ve done it before, and it didn’t work. I didn’t know why. Now I do.

Book spending needs to be kept separate. Right now, I’m allowed to buy a book, read it, and buy another one. That’s about a book a week. Actually, it’s usually one or two books a month, maybe. Free books don’t count. Too many disappointments. Books I purchase are ones I know I want.

Back to the clothes. Money saved grocery shopping will be used toward clothes. I’m also including extra money I didn’t spend on food. Amazon has a new service, and I went shopping for popcorn and other snacks. I made it all the way to the checkout, looked at how much I was spending, and deleted every item. Yes, I added what I would have spent to my clothes budget. Taking my successes wherever I’m able to find them.

I may use the service yet, but it will need to fit into the regular food budget. I’m doing comparison shopping at the grocery store.

I’ve also discovered that even though I like DingDongs and chocolate-covered Twinkies and am able to exercise self-control (mostly), I like having cake in milk more. I’ve learned that I can bake a cake, ice it, cut it in reasonable pieces, and freeze it. I take out a piece, at lunch, unwrap and place it in a bowl, and it’s perfectly thawed for dessert after dinner. It’s less expensive, and I like it better.

One step at a time, I’m going to learn to make food a pleasure, not an all-day long pleasure but something I enjoy instead of a way to punish myself or even reward myself. Food will be food. Something to eat and savor and then let go so I move on with the rest of my day. I’m tired of losing so much of my life to something that should only occupy a small piece of the day.


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