Posted by: Judy | August 15, 2016

Self Care Reminder…

…from Scott Williams.

I know this. I do. No doubts. No questions. And I mess it up on a daily basis.

Scott is a different source from my SEALs saying that things have to be done thousands of times in order to fully embrace them. Consistency. That elusive skill denied all abuse victims, except of the worst possible kind. Hmmm…

Positive consistency.

Am I doing better?

Actually, I am.

I’m attempting a new routine with sleeping. Very small change. I’m rubbing lavender oil on the bottom of my feet. I don’t know if it helps, yet. It doesn’t hurt.

I’m making some healthier food choices. More importantly, I’m not agonizing over every meal. I made Ramen noodles, added canned chicken and green beans because I need to use them up, soy sauce, and the juice of a lime because I needed to use it up, enough for four meals. I like it. Don’t know if I’ll do it again, but I’m not wishing I could throw out what I haven’t eaten yet.

I’m walking a little further than I was a few weeks ago. I’ve added 1-lb weights to my physical therapy 3 days a week.

Improvement. One bite at a time.


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