Posted by: Judy | July 28, 2016

Prayer Encouragement from Papberry

I realize not all my readers hold to prayer as I do. I needed this now.

I’ve struggled with prayer, all my life. I started with my fight to recognize God as God and not superimpose my parents over Him.

Papberry talked about her persistence with her mother and translating it to God. I didn’t grow up in that world. Had I done the same thing… I did try it; it didn’t end well. It’s only been the last fifteen years I’ve changed my perspective of God. I’m working to learn what Papberry already understands.

I’ve read Battle Plan for Prayer by the Kendrick Brothers, and I’m reading Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. Both are fantastic. I’m able to understand their process. I’m struggling with applying it in my own life. Still battling old habits.

I’m still afraid of pestering. I’m still afraid of not asking rightly. I’m still afraid of being given what I ask for and realizing it was a colossal mistake on my part. Sometimes, God will give us what we ask for when we stubbornly ignore His wisdom. Ancient Israel begged for a king despite God informing them that a king might lead them astray. They refused to relent, so God gave them a king. Sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn’t.

God is very much about the individual. Free Will is what defines us as His. He wants us to choose rightly, but we have the Free Will to choose whatever we desire, including horrifically wrong choices. The challenge in life is to learn from bad choices and made increasingly healthy choices with practice.

Battle Plan for Prayer talks about prayer not being a last resort but a starting point for everything. I love this. I also struggle with actually implementing it. Even knowing I am a Child of God, I often wonder, “Who am I that God is mindful of me?” For some inexplicable reason, after all this time, I haven’t yet learned to automatically reply, “I am God’s.” What more do I need to be?

Yes, I know I’ve talked about my new tape. It’s a great positive tape. It also disappears from my radar when the everyday insanity piles on.

Blessedly, God sends gentle reminders via His other Children. I’m grateful.


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