Posted by: Judy | July 20, 2016

Another storm

It’s that time of year. This year, instead of fretting about whether or not I should turn off and unplug my computer, waiting for the sound of thunder and worrying about lightning, I’m simply shutting the computer down for the night.

Last night, I printed the pages I’m working on for All or Nothing. I did manage to accomplish some writing earlier in the day.

This is why I want a laptop. I don’t have to shut down. I can keep working through a storm. This is when I realize how much I dwell in the moment. Stepping back and looking at the big picture: There are 1-2 weeks out of 52 when storms require I shut down and only for a few hours, usually in the evening. Perspective dictates I stick with my choice and not worry about a laptop. Instead, I’m working to learn to adapt to the times I need to turn the computer off.

The storms are scheduled to disappear by the end of the week.



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