Posted by: Judy | July 14, 2016


I love and hate shopping. Online, at Amazon, I keep a Wish List, actually several. I sorted them. I keep anything I’m interested in there. Once in a while, I go through and delete things that I never bought. I’ve kept a few, for years, namely a couple of place settings. One is gold rimmed. I simply cannot justify spending $150 for one place setting, but I enjoy looking at it once in a while.

My sister loves material and had to make a deal with herself. She keeps all the lovely fabrics at the fabric store. She’s allowed to visit whenever she wants. Yes, I learned from her example.

Why am I devoting a whole post to shopping?

I need to update my computer. I hate buying electronics. I want it to work. I don’t understand how it does. I don’t care that I don’t understand.  I love my current computer and hate that I have to replace it because the technology is old.

I hate shopping computers. It means a new modem, new surge protector/battery backup, and Office (I need Word and my 2004 is no longer supported). None of it is cheap. I’ve been saving for a few years.

I don’t need fancy, with all the bells and whistles. I do need reliable, and I know basic is a little too basic. I actually know which computer I want. My trouble is deciding on the little details like memory. Yes, I’ve asked my experts, and they talked me through. However, I’m actually looking at the site, now. I took notes, I promise, but I don’t recognize some of this stuff.

Today, I’m taking a trip to the store to actually look at the machines. I will have pen and paper in hand.

If I could keep my current computer, I would. Unfortunately, the technology is a few generations old, even though the machine is less than ten years old. At least one of the sites I use requires a computer no more than three years old. Bah.

I also have to consider the possibility of changes. When I bought the computer, they had a system upgrade only a month later. Do I buy now or wait?

To end on a more positive note: I enjoy grocery shopping. Really. There’s something about seeing the shelves and shelves of different foods, the fresh baked goods, the deli selections. The joy of book shopping is a given. Receiving a box from Amazon is fun.

A croissant at P.croissant. Mmm…



  1. Buying computers is always a little stressful. Getting it set up the way you like and transferring your files… yuck.

    I wouldn’t put it off due to potential upgrades. Those happen so regularly and there might have even been one since the computer was delivered to the store. You never know except to know that there will be an upgrade of some sort.

    Hoping you have a decent experience and end up with a good computer. 🙂

    • Thanks, Judith. I’m visiting the Apple store today, doing my homework. I think the scariest part is the cost of the investment. Eep.

    • I’m thinking I’ll wait until after I turn in this current manuscript so I don’t have to mess with formatting changes with the updated Office.

  2. I suppose you can use Libreville Office free. It’s a free office program, which is compatible to Windows Office.

    • I’ve never heard of it. I look into it. Thanks, Lyckliga Lisa!

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