Posted by: Judy | July 11, 2016

Looking at food differently…

With the new goal in mind, I accepted that although I love fancy food, French cuisine, speciality desserts, and whatnot, I’m actually a pretty boring eater. I like quick and easy. A treat is a Jumbo Jack with cheese, fries, and a chocolate shake.

I like mac and cheese; tuna sandwiches; grilled cheese; ham sandwiches made of a couple of slices of ham, mustard, and bread; Hostess chocolate-covered Twinkies and Ding Dongs; Cheetoes; marshmallow cereal; milk; Lunchables; celery sticks; string cheese; fast, easy. I confess I miss making spaghetti, but it’s a pain when I simply don’t have time.

Food has been too much like a god to me. I think sometimes I’ve given more thought to food than I have to God. Yeah, that’s a tough one to admit.

Cutting my food budget is an act of faith. I trust God will provide. I also understand I need to do my part. I haven’t made a huge cut in my budget, but enough that I need to be aware.

Yes, I bought the Hostess cakes, this past week. They come in single serving sizes. Surely I’m bright enough and self-disciplined enough to eat only one a day. This is an exercise in portion control. I’ve made it far too difficult over the years. What I have should last 19 days. So far so good.

I started the new hopefully consistent food attitude, last Tuesday, the same day I posted the new Goal List. I went about $5 over my budget. Not bad. I bought necessary items like milk but also bought the Hostess and some chips. I decided to do a little taste testing, which chips do I like. Yes, I know chips are a problem for me. Actually, I only want them once in a while. I feel deprived if I keep saying, “no,” but I hate wasting money and calories on food that only tastes okay. I’m trying veggie-type chips. I like them better with something, like potato salad.

The unexpected happened. I made a ham sandwich for dinner. I ate more than half but didn’t really want anymore. Usually, I force myself to finish; I don’t want to waste food. Instead, I gave myself permission to throw away what I didn’t want. Really. I can’t believe it either. It won’t become a habit, but there was something mind jarring about not keeping it simply because I’d had enough. I’m curious to see how much of an effect this has overall.

I like the veggie chips and am able to portion them. Sprouts cheese puffs are okay, but I have no control. I want more cheese flavor. I tossed the rest of the bag. Not worth the calories.

My sister recently introduced me to Health at Any Size. I want to give it a try.


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