Posted by: Judy | June 22, 2016

Be Kind… or not

I heard a quote the other morning that disturbed me.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not always a comfortable person to be around. Now, you’ve been warned.

The quote’s advice for living was “1. Be Kind. 2. Be Kind. 3. Be Kind.” It sounds great, except it isn’t.

Kind by whose definition?

My sister thinks I’m being kind if I give her cream cheese. If she gives me cream cheese, I think she’s being unkind. She loves cream cheese. I don’t. The problem with the advice of being kind is that it’s subjective. It’s based on feelings.

There’s actually a whole slue of memes going around about being kind.

“We don’t have agree on anything to be kind to one another.” Actually, we do. We have to agree that the other person has a right to live. Sadly, some people don’t agree on that.

If I’m going to choosing a repetitive meme, I think I would choose:

  1. Be Honorable.
  2. Be Honorable.
  3. Be Honorable.

I’d have to define honorable: Having/showing honest and good moral character.



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