Posted by: Judy | June 21, 2016

Personal Observation…

Sometimes, my trip into FB land is brief. I’m able to glance through notifications and regular reading in less than a half hour. Other times, I’m sucked in, for hours.

I thought perhaps it was a matter of distraction or flightiness. You know the chant: Why can’t you be more disciplined? Why do you waste so much time? Why are you so lazy?

After some thoughtful observation, I realize I tend to become lost in FB when I’m not feeling heard. I can go on the social media site and make comments and chat with my FB friends. I can rant and laugh. Once I feel heard, I’m able to leave and go on about whatever I need to do.

Now I’ll be more aware of when I’m on FB and why. I’m going to stop beating myself up over it and see if I can manage my time better, now that I know why I do what I do.



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