Posted by: Judy | June 16, 2016

Follow Up on Yesterday…

This is a link to the recent Team Never Quit, Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford, podcast:

It’s an hour and ten minutes long. I’m posting the link for me.

Nick Palmisciano is their guest. He talks about hitting rock bottom and struggling financially. He talked about he believes man is meant to struggle. If he was given a billion dollars, instead of thinking life would be on easy street he’d be looking for something to do. His experience was that with the more money he made the more responsibility he carried. When he was young he looked forward to life being easy, someday, and came to realize it was the wrong attitude.

I had to ask myself, “Am I looking for a way to make my life easy?” When I should be embracing the suck, as my SEAL mentors advise.

Maybe I’m where God intends me to be, struggling as God intended so I’ll grow as He would have me grow, if I’ll cooperate with Him.

What if God is endeavoring to teach me a lesson I’m completely missing because my focus is all wrong or distracted?

I’ve given up cooking but for occasional simple and quick items, like sauteed zucchini and beef. My eating has definitely simplified. Bread and tuna salad, crackers and cheese, cereal and milk.

What if I’m ignoring the opportunity to release my panic about food?

I need to rethink.




  1. It’s funny how sometimes when we pray, we forget that our answer may come in ways we don’t expect. I try to remember to pray that I open my heart to receive whatever information I need to help me make changes in my life that will improve my overall condition. I try to avoid “specific” prayer as much as possible, and tend to lean towards “whatever is your loving plan for me” prayer, and always try to remember to give thanks (sometimes I forget this one, and my prayers tend to sound like a list of grievances – when that happens, I try to adjust, and give it another try).

    I’m dealing with an issue right now that only allows me to eat about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of food at a time. Have to wait several hours between portions. I’ve tried to see this as one way God is helping me overcome my binge eating, since that is no longer an option for me. If I force more food into my body (binge), I become violently ill now. So even though I never specifically asked for an answer to my binge eating, a solution (wrapped in the package of a medical illness) became available.

    When I binge now, (which sadly still sometimes happens, since lifetime habits are very hard to break, especially when connected to emotional or psychological triggers), anyway, when that happens, I tend to binge on minimal mass sort of foods, such as several frozen fruit popsicles, or double servings of yogurt, or even various forms of hard candies throughout the day. And I’ve added chewing gum back to my regular routine – but tried to make it interesting by investing in several different flavors of the brand called “Ice Cubes”. They offer a wide variety of flavors that have a real punch of flavor up front, which mellows as you continue chewing the gum over time. So far I’ve tried spearmint, cinnamon, lemon ice, grape, raspberry, pina colada, bubble gum, and peppermint. Still a few flavors out there I haven’t tried yet. Favorite so far is lemon ice, or raspberry.

    Anyway, as I read your blog post today, it had me thinking of how my prayers have changed over time, and how it seems that even though I still catch myself sometimes looking for a specific solution to a specific problem, how it turns out, generally speaking, that I tend to lean in the direction of just praying in a spirit of “You know my needs, and thank you for helping me find a direction that moves me forward towards a healthier version of life”. Or something to that effect. Has given me a little more peace, in the general sense. Peace was never something I realized I craved so much, until it started finding me, in bits and “peaces” (pun intended). 🙂

    • Ack! Rough way to release the binge eating.

      I’m doing a follow up post, next week. I’m noticing some things and making some changes already.

      I need to be more diligent in my gratitude prayers. They really do make a difference.

      Thanks ((ntexas99)) for the ideas and support.

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