Posted by: Judy | May 28, 2016

Saturday Silliness…

I see I posted the Saturday Silliness a day early, a clear indication of my brain not operating on all cylinders. I suppose I’ll share a double dose and post one today, on Saturday.

Another quote from The Mind of an Introvert:

Why am I being so quiet?

If you must know, I’m busy looking into the dark secrets of your soul… and taking notes.

The photos I’ve been sharing recently were from an early morning walk my sister and I took a few months ago. The sunrise was spectacular.




  1. Good morning. When asked the question, why don’t you talk more, I reply honestly “Well, because I don’t have too.”

    • I like that.

    • And good morning. In truth, I tend to stare at such questions since my brain is often working on something else and blanks, giving me no words.

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