Posted by: Judy | May 26, 2016


As I’ve been struggling with my Basics, God has sent bits of inspiration.

Motivating Daily posted a much needed perspective:

I’d never considered the perspective offered. Do I like being fit or the actual process? I learned… no, I already knew, but I wasn’t willing to acknowledge something about me. I do not like the process of becoming fit.


I was teased and criticized for smelling bad. Sweat does that. If I didn’t exercise, I didn’t sweat.

I hated/loathed/detested the open girls’ locker room at school. I didn’t want other girls looking at me. My privacy was already ripped away on a daily basis. Why would I choose to give it away?

There were so many things I physically could not do. Why embarrass myself by allowing others to see how inept and weak I was? I have never done a handstand, in my life. It was a requirement for the tumbling portion of gym when I was in middle school. Even with a person on either side of me, I could not do it. I was in serious danger of a neck injury as my arms collapsed again and again. The teacher finally decided to skip it.

I had a propensity for twisting my ankle. No one cared, including me. I was awkward. I grew faster than my coordination could keep up with. I didn’t stop growing until I was in my mid 20s. Ankle is still a weak point.

I had trouble focusing on incoming balls. I almost ended up with a fast-moving volleyball in my face. The only thing that saved me was the net.

I can think of one exercise I loved. I did it every day, sweat, dirt, filth, I didn’t care. I owned a horse for five years. Cleaning his stall, cleaning him, every single day for five years. I’ve never regretted it. I would come home soaked in sweat and absolutely filthy. I loved it.

I walked my dog two miles a day, six days a week because she needed to be walked.

In both cases, me being healthier was simply a side benefit.

Otherwise, I hate workouts. However, I do enjoy the feeling of being fit. I like being able to easily bend over and tie my shoes. I like seeing more toned muscles when I look in the mirror.

I already have several habits in place. I need to do better.

However, the importance of the post was that I felt like I finally had permission to stop pretending like I enjoy my workouts. I don’t. I do them because I know they help me feel better overall. I have to be careful not to re-injure myself, a challenge.




  1. Ugh how I used to hate gym class. I never thought about giving away my privacy, makes sense how I used to try to get out of it so often.

    I’m the same way…sweating is horrible, exercise is torture. But hard work with a goal, I will sweat without noticing and work harder than anyone else. Your horse and dog were lucky to have you.

    You are so right, we don’t have to pretend any more. ((Hugs))

    • ((rootstoblossom))

  2. Gym was my most dreaded class through my school years. I was was always last or second to last to be chosen for teams. I finally figured out in 8th grade that the gym teacher would let me keep score in lieu of playing the group sports. It was an enormous relief (and my highest PE grades — B!!! For effort and positive attitude!). In college I was able to take bowling as my gym credit.

    It’s a small miracle I found an activity that I love so much and keeps me healthy. I sweat a ton. Don’t care! πŸ˜‰

    • I took ice skating in college. Our teacher had been in the Icecapades. He promised us all As, provided we showed up every class and made an honest effort.

      I had to have two P.E. credits in college. The other was yoga. Loved my teacher and felt great. Could never find another teacher I liked as well.

      I thoroughly enjoy reading about your love with running.

      • Yoga is one of those things I like well enough, but it’s the first exercise to go when making choices about how to spend my week. I know it’s good for me and my running and the teacher is a lovely woman. I just don’t love it.

        Maybe you need another fur baby. It seems like they have been overwhelmingly positive in your life.

        • My physical therapist told me “No more yoga.” He’d watched me workout and decided the risk of me hyperextending was too high.

          I’d love another fur baby, but it will have to wait. EF and NM too easily made my last one a scapegoat. I have to admit that I learned to stand up for me because I was constantly having to defend her.

          • You’ve mentioned what your physical therapist said about yoga. Have you thought about getting a second opinion? Yoga is one of those things that can be modified completely to best fit the practitioner. Yoga can be one of the gentlest, most meditative exercises you can get, you just need the right yogi to guide you. If a particular movement is bad for you, you just do one that is good for you. And here I am promoting yoga when I’ve been skipping out on my classes, lol. But there are certain exercises that cause me problems, so I just don’t do them in yoga class and instead do child’s pose or get a drink of water. There are yoga classes that are done from sitting in a chair even for those with physical difficulties.

            Of course, you did just say that you don’t really enjoy the process of getting fit (don’t blame you on that one at all), so maybe you’re not interested in pursuing it further, which is 100% your right πŸ™‚

            • Oh, my therapist doesn’t disapprove of yoga. He disapproves of me doing yoga. He watched me push, too often too hard. His banning yoga was to protect me from myself. πŸ™‚

              Of all the exercises, I like walking best, next to taking care of a horse, of course. πŸ˜€

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