Posted by: Judy | May 23, 2016

An Endless Possibilities meme…

…compliments of the delightful Donna Keevers Driver, author of The Path Chosen. Yes, I’m plugging her book. She’s a debut author. I’ve been there. I really do like her book. It was fascinating. It isn’t your typical time travel romance. I’m not usually a time travel fan, but I loved her exploration of 1858 Sydney through the eyes of her 2015 heroine and 2015 Sydney through the eyes of her 1858 heroine. I tend to skip descriptions and go to the dialogue, but Donna’s turn of phrase is fresh. I didn’t want to miss anything.

She also enjoys making memes. She offered and I accepted. The first few I’ve already shared here. I liked them so well I asked if she would do one for each of my books. She agreed. Last week I shared the one she made for my latest novella Leap of Faith Day. I’ll endeavor to choose a short quote from each book. This is from my first published book A Promise of Possibilities. Jonathan Silverton is still my hero.

-A Promise of Possibilities



  1. Love this particular passage, as it so aptly describes that moment of choosing to let go – and just jump – into whatever it might be you are contemplating – whether a new love, a new direction in life, or any other big change in a person’s life.

    Also like the idea of creating a meme for each of your books. It sounds like it will be an interesting exercise to choose a line from each book which will provide insight into the essence of the story. The particular line you’ve chosen for A Promise of Possibilities conveys both the power of loving someone, as well as a hint of the complicated depths of their story.

    Using the phrase “like easing a horse over a jump” elevates the words of the story to poetry in motion. Although I’ve never been on the back of a horse as it left the ground to jump over some obstacle or another, you can’t help but feel that moment of letting go, when momentum carries you forward, no matter what your reservations might be. Great choice for this one, and I look forward to seeing the others come to life on the page in a similar fashion. It will be interesting to see what line you choose to bring each book alive, in a new and interesting way. Great job. 🙂

    • It’s difficult to choose, especially since I have to keep it short. That particular paragraph pretty much wrote itself. Thank you!

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