Posted by: Judy | May 15, 2016


Over on FB, Toby Mac (Christian singer) #SpeakLife posted this:

Sometimes, you have to tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to just sit down and shut up.

This is how I started and then I progressed. Remember the negative tape that used to put me to sleep? I am changing. This is what goes through my head now:

I belong to God.

I am God’s.

I am stronger than I know.

God is more powerful than I believe.

God wins.

Grace wins.

I will praise God in the storm.




  1. I was running a race today, and on the biggest hill, someone had written, “You’re awesome!” in chalk. And the voice in my head said, “Yes I am!”

    Which is an enormous change from the old negative tape telling me I’m a quitter and wimp. It was a big moment for me today.

  2. I love the new tape. Go you!!!!!!!

    • πŸ™‚

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