Posted by: Judy | May 11, 2016

Final is in…

The “Author Approved” copy of Errant Knight has been turned into the publisher. This is usually a reason to rejoice and allow myself to relax and let the relief wash over me.

This time is different.

I didn’t want to send it back. I wanted to work on it more, add more, fill in more. Mind you, anything I add won’t add to the story. It would only add detail. In truth, it’s only an excuse to hold onto the manuscript.

The truth: I already miss Fitzgerald and Penny. They’re smart and brave and tenacious and perfect for each other. They’ve been such a pleasure to write.

I planned to recuperate today, but I think I may be spending it in mourning. Maybe this is one of those emotions I can practice sitting with and feeling.




  1. First off, congrats on getting it finished and forwarded to the publisher. Secondly, I think it’s smart to allow yourself some room and time for mourning, if that is the natural feeling that has arisen during the process. Rather than try to ignore it or fight it, maybe acknowledging it will help you move through it more quickly. And thirdly, I can’t help but wonder if there might not be another entire book in your future featuring Fitzgerald and Penny, perhaps one that reveals their lives before they met, or reveals what happens after they found one another and life continues marching forward.

    Sometimes when we end up writing a character that we grow particularly fond of, it gives us the chance to do all sorts of exploration. Maybe you have more exploring to do with them. They could even be secondary characters in some future story line, where their history intersects with someone else.

    Hope you have a good Wednesday. Remember to be kind to you, and do something nice for yourself, even if something as small as a nice warm shower or preparing a special treat. Yesterday I lit my favorite candle (jasmine and verbena) while listening to the CD soundtrack from the movie “Catch And Release”, all while sipping strawberry milk (a special treat my niece brought for me), and munched on peanut butter crackers, followed by a small bowl of fresh strawberries and half a banana. It was a nice interlude between chores and all those usual and mundane necessary tasks. 🙂

    • Thank you. Fitzgerald and Penny are the third novel, and they actually show up in the fourth and last novel of the series. I spent some time earlier sitting with my emotions. I ended up writing two pages in my journal. Today, I’m playing catch up on FB, blogs, and emails. I also have a book waiting for me. I’ve barely touched it in the last week. 🙂 Jasmine and verbena sounds wonderful. I love strawberry milk! I’m not sure the crying is over, but I’m less afraid of it.

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