Posted by: Judy | May 9, 2016

How’d I do?

I survived.

I did a bit of editing and reading.

I stopped at Panda Express for chow mein and mushroom chicken, enough for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Yummy.

Sister and her husband went to visit friends for the weekend, so I took care of the dog. It was lovely. She’s a sweet thing.


I watched movies, “Secretariat,” “Captain America,” “For Better or For Worse,” “National Treasure.” It was fun.

I slept.

I spent time in my scriptures and writing in my journal, the handwritten one.

I spent time with God, or attempted to do so. I’m beginning to realize there’s a lot of pain to overcome.

I should have avoided more blogs and FB. It was painful reading things like: “My mother was the meanest mother in the world. She made me eat eggs and bacon for breakfast instead of candy.” Immediately popped into my head: “Mine fed me food that made me sick and withheld food to keep me from being fat.” Yeah. I left FB. I think maybe next year, I need to maybe avoid FB.

Maybe I need arrange a writing vacation of some sort. It silly to keep trying to make this work. It simply doesn’t.



  1. Don’t give up, just try again differently. 😉 Peace to you!

    • Thank you!

  2. Secretariat was filmed here in my town 🙂

    I’m glad you had dog time this weekend.

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