Posted by: Judy | May 3, 2016

Timely post by Grace For My Heart

Here’s the link to the post on Unconditional Love:

This was my reply, with a bit of editing here since first writing it there:

Those who demand unconditional love, using the Bible as a whip, need to re-read their Bible. When the woman is caught in adultery, Jesus tells the accusers that he who is without sin is the only one who can throw a stone. Those who throw the demand “love unconditionally” are throwing stones. Jesus then tells the woman to go and sin and no more. He does not tell her she may continue in her sinful ways. She is directed to change. Jesus is brutal in His treatment of those who profess to follow God and yet manipulate God’s word to justify their sins. He calls them on it and condemns them for it; they are white sepulchers full of death and filth. Justifying sin by corrupting God’s word is a dangerous road to follow.

Those who demand I “love unconditionally” are defining the meaning to make themselves comfortable. What they fail to recognize is that they are demanding I “love” my abusers more than God. My abusers wanted my total and complete adoration; they demanded I commit sins to please them; they deem their needs are of greater value than anyone else’s, ergo they are of greater value than even God. I don’t care what words they spout; their actions state clearly that they are higher than God. “Worshipping” them is sinning against God.

Jesus says that the first Great Commandment is to love God and the second is like unto it to love your neighbor AS yourself, not better than self. Forgiveness is not interchangeable with absolution. Forgiveness is not interchangeable with trust. Forgiveness is saying to God, “It’s too heavy. I’m giving it to You to carry for me.”



  1. It’s ironic that those demanding unconditional love are putting conditions on their love for others.

    • The irony… I can’t say that without thinking “and the wrinkly.” 😀

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