Posted by: Judy | April 22, 2016

Good News Friday

*Lunch at P.croissant with a dear friend, spinach and feta croissant and hot chocolate. Insightful and yummy.

*Breakfast at P.croissant with my sister, Bavarian cream croissant and hot chocolate.

*Dog time.

*My sister found the cutest lawn ornament for the Leap of Faith Day book cover.

*Breakfast sandwich at P.croissant, ham and mushroom but no egg, with hot chocolate. Really yummy.

*Gift certificate for renewing my membership at a box store. The membership pays for itself with two purchases of allergy medicine or a few boxes of Carnation Instant Breakfast. Worth it.

*Ideas sprouted for Book Ten. Yes, I know Book Nine isn’t published yet. It will be, soon. Welcome to my writing world.

What was something good in your week?




  1. I visited a French pastry shop and had the most rich and decadent brownie I have ever enjoyed. The shop was playing French music and I was transported to Paris as I closed my eyes and savored the moment.

    • Mmmmmm… definitely deliciously good. 🙂

  2. I love your list today. It seems to reflect specific moments during the week when you’ve had the presence of mind to notice the good things. Considering that it has also been somewhat of a tough week, I’m proud of you for reaching into your memory to highlight some of those good moments.

    Sadly, today I woke up in a grouchy-pants mood. Think I’ll go have a shower and see if I can wash away the grumble-gremlin vibes. In fact, maybe I’ll even head back over here later today to add some Good News Friday thoughts. Again, congrats on YOUR list for today. Happy Friday!

    • Thank you! I’m learning to look for the good no matter what. 🙂 I also woke up out of sorts, today. There’s hope for the rest of the day. How it starts is not how it must end. I hope you find something beautiful in your day.

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