Posted by: Judy | April 4, 2016

2016 Gift List April

1. Ignore the mirror.

2. Walk more.

3. Eat better.

4. Pray more.

5. Be more charitable.

6. Do one Christmas Jar. Working on it.

7. Publish Christmas PresentJanuary 18

8. Turn in Errant KnightFebruary 1

9. Publish Holiday, USA Leap Day novella, Leap of Faith DayWorking on it, still.

10. I want to add singing as part of my daily routine. Doing it.

11. Start Knight in Disguise, the last in the Endless Knights series. Started gathering information February 2 Woohoo!

12. Enjoy Valentine’s Day. I did.

13. Publish paperback of Holiday, USA Anthology 2015. 4 March 2016

14. Add 50 words a day to any current WIP. So far so good.

15. Publish Holiday, USA novella Blessing Basket. Save for 2017

16. Edits for Errant Knight. Done twice

17. Be Beautiful.


18. Line edits for Errant Knight.

19. Outline and/or rough draft of Knight in Disguise.

20. Start the next Holiday, USA novella.

21. Bible study every day.



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