Posted by: Judy | March 30, 2016

Still not sure what to write…

March is almost over and Leap of Faith Day isn’t finished. I’m discouraged. I’m distracted, and yet I’m strangely (mostly) at peace. I’m a little under the weather. It really could be as simple as that. The weather zipped from high 80s one day to high 60s the next. I never handle that well.

Maybe I’ll go ahead and share what I posted on my writing blog:

A little Jamberry fun…

I could never be accused of being girly, despite having gone to modeling school. The only things I learned that I kept are my plucked eyebrows, standing with my head up and my shoulders back, and being 15 minutes early.

All the other chaos in my life meant lots of things were allowed to be tossed to the wayside in favor of simply making it through the day.

I can continue to simply endeavor to survive. Albert Einstein said (paraphrased): The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result.

Change requires change.

I decided I could start with something small. I’ve tried painting my nails. I could peal them off within hours of painting, and at least one ended up messed up. No matter what.

A friend is a Jamberry consultant. Why not? The first picture is my first sample of Jamberry nail wraps. They lasted almost two weeks! So I bought more. The second picture is my second attempt. It was easier. Funnily enough, it’s easier for me to put on the right than the left. Odd considering the fact I’m right-handed.

Sometimes you need to have a little fun.



  1. I’ve never figured out how to properly shape my eyebrows, so I usually just leave the be except for sometimes tweeting a few strays. I kind of wish I knew how to do them.

    • It’s changed since I was in class, but I’ve kept the same shape all these years. The current style is more natural. I have the wide at the nose, to the peak, and then then to the end. Quick tutorial: LOL! One the right, use an eyebrow pencil to line up the outside of your mouth, to the outside of your nose to the inside of your eye, that’s where the eyebrow begins. Line up the pencil from the outside of your mouth, through the pupil – looking straight ahead – and that’s the peak or highest point of your eyebrow. Then line up the pencil from the outside of your mouth to the outside of your eye, and that’s where the eyebrow ends. I could post pictures, if you’re interested. Of course, I bet there’s something on YouTube. 🙂 Instead of thinning like mine, they now simply advise keeping the natural shape of the eyebrow with only necessary shaping.

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