Posted by: Judy | March 29, 2016

What to write?

I’ve written a post every day for a few years. Tonight, my mind is blank, sort of.

Leap of Faith Day is coming along better. It was supposed to be finished before Leap Day. Yeah. Didn’t make that deadline. Then It was supposed to be finished before St. Patrick’s Day and then before Easter. Sigh. My hero Vince is tougher to write than I anticipated. He was never supposed to be a hero at all. As I’ve learned about him, I like him, a lot. He’s had a rough life. He embodies some of my less endearing qualities. He struggles with believing he’s stupid. How am I supposed to help him conquer his false belief when I still struggle with it?

My Christmas Cacti from a few months ago.




  1. Isn’t it funny how it seems to just naturally evolve as we’re writing fiction, that we end up either feeling very fond of a character, or we lean towards having a bit of disdain or dislike for them. Which seems ironic, since they only exist in whatever ways we bring them to the page. I once removed a character completely from a story, for the basic reason that I wasn’t pleased with how selfish and self-absorbed the character ended up becoming. He was replaced with someone much kinder, with a generous heart. 🙂

    • He was supposed to be a less savory character… not horrible… not so much as not likable as sort of a jerk… I’ve learned a few things since I first wrote him. I don’t think I’ve ever completely dumped a character. Instead, I like to redeem them. 🙂 Writing what we like to read. 😉

  2. I like that you say you like Vince AND that you recognize you’ve imbued him with many if your own characteristics. 🙂

    • Hmmm… what do you know. I hadn’t even noticed that.

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