Posted by: Judy | March 16, 2016


I’ve asked permission from roots2blossom to share her post. She shared some great insights. (She’s sharing a great series of posts, tough but informative. I’m learning so much from her. She’s brave.)

This is the original post:

I recognized her sentences as one’s I’ve used myself or at least ones that are similar. I need to re-write them using the truth instead of lies.

1. Everyone has something wrong with them. It doesn’t make them failures. Besides, everyone fails. A failure is someone who refuses to get back up again. Definitely not me.
2. I am priceless, with flaws. Flawed diamonds don’t cost as much as flawless, but they are considered to be prettier because they reflect more light; the flaws add extra angles.
3. People love the real me even more (I still struggle with believing this); sharing my heart gives them the courage to share theirs.
4. My secrets are horrific but not so horrific they can’t be shared. I don’t consider my secrets nearly as horrific as some others. Some people can’t bear to hear them, but some of us know that if you can live through it, I can certainly listen to you talk about it.
5. Accepting help requires more courage than going it alone. It requires being vulnerable, but it also allows someone else the opportunity to be more than they are alone.
6. Sometimes explaining isn’t about understanding. So much of what happened isn’t understandable. It was insane. It’s about sharing the most broken part of myself with someone else who has broken places and wonders if anyone is able to understand. It isn’t really about understanding; it’s about accepting, even without understanding.
7. If people know about my problems, some of them look at me differently. Some of them treat me differently. I’ve decided I’m more concerned about those who don’t see me differently.



  1. Nice rewrite! Shame is a tough one. Really tough.

    • Yes, it is.

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