Posted by: Judy | March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day

How are you celebrating? This is mine:


Everyone needs to celebrate. No, I won’t eat them all in one day, though sometimes it’s tempting. Oddball side note: I endeavor to be wise with my money. Buying multipacks, like the above, is a better investment. However, it requires self-discipline to keep from eating them all at once. I try. I really do. The single or two serving sizes cost more, but once I’ve eaten them, they’re gone. I can’t stuff myself. So in that regard, they’re a healthier investment.

Probably more information than anyone wants or cares about. It’s 3 a.m., and I’m working through some of the insanity I’ve been dealing with lately.

Over on FB, the following meme was posted:

I’d like to point something out:

The first six digits of pi are 3.14159.

If you round them to the ten-thousandth place, you get 3.1416.

Hence, this year (living in America, as my Australian friend pointed out), 3/14/16 shall be Rounded Pi Day, and since we all celebrate Pi Day by eating pie, and pies are round, it all works out.

Happy Rounded Pi Day Everyone!!!

Have a bit of fun!



  1. Happy Pi day. 🙂 Circles are round, wheels are round, and we go round and around and around……yup Pi is very important.

    • Your sense of humor is intact. Well done! 🙂

  2. I hear you on the “availability can equal disaster” front, but also on the “be smart and save a few pennies whenever possible”. Decisions. Decisions.

    I love it that there are still enough nerds in the world that “Rounded Pi Day” is even noticed. I especially love it when you can tweak the humor factor, well, just because you have to admit it’s kind of funny.

    Happy Pi Day (Rounded)!

    • I noticed my little pies were square, so I’m having beef pot pie for dinner. It’s round. 😀

      • ahh, details, details … LOL

  3. Hah! Rounded Pi Day!

    My husband got asked in a job interview (by some cocky jerk trying to trip him up) what the value of pi was, and my husband, who is a ridiculously smart math major, responded, “How many digits do you want?” He got a job offer — oh, and the interviewer had to check to see if he got it right. Lol.

    • HA! Kodos to your husband! Well done.

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