Posted by: Judy | February 25, 2016

It’s in review…

Monday morning, I planned to download my manuscript in PDF format. I did it. CreateSpace informed me there was a problem with my margins. I looked at them, and they were right. I attempted to correct those margins. I’d correct them, and Word would mess with something else.

I finally had the margins correct, but the headers were lost. My sister had arranged to have the title of the novella on one side and my author name on the other. Gone.

I corrected that, and the numbers were in two different fonts, some italicized some not. I corrected the numbers.

All the headers changed to titles, losing my name on the even pages.

I attempted to download a .doc instead of a PDF, and it messed up the pages.

Monday and Tuesday was spent struggling to figure it out.

Tuesday afternoon, I figured I might as well start over.

God had prepared a way to give me what I needed, weeks in advance.

One of my writing friends is still a member of the writing group I once participated in. I liked the group, but the cost of belonging to the national organization so I could belong to the local group was too much. She knew a cyber security specialist was going to be speaking and invited us along.

I’d given up on the PDF, for the moment. I went off to dinner and the speaker and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was interesting and helpful. Glad I went. I also enjoyed the company of wonderful people.

I came home and had that little nudge to start back at the first document my sister sent with the headers and footers. I corrected the margins one section at a time. Success!

Wednesday morning, I looked through everything to make sure it looked right. I downloaded it. One problem was found with the margins. I looked through the preview, page by page, 300 pages. Everything looked right. I accepted it and moved on. It’s now in Review. Once the Review is approved, I order a Proof to make sure it really looks like it’s supposed to in actual paperback. With ordering and shipping, it takes a few weeks. Once I approve it, the book goes live. Sometime in March.

Here’s the interesting part: Not so very long ago, I would have been hysterical with all the frustration and multiplying problems. Yes, I wanted to beat my head against the wall. I wanted to cry. I knew those things wouldn’t do any good. I also knew God wouldn’t do it for me, but He would provide a way. I trusted God to provide a way. He provided a way.

God’s timetable isn’t my timetable. I tend to be a bit impatient. He is patiently working with me to accept His timetable.




  1. I don’t know that it was god’s timetable as it was the computer goblin’s timetable πŸ˜‰

    Technology is grand, but it’s not without its frustrations. Glad you got through.

    • LOL! True! Okay, God helped me maintain my sanity despite the computer goblin. πŸ˜‰

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