Posted by: Judy | February 19, 2016

Good News Friday

*Taxes are turned in to my accountant and praying I don’t owe too much. The joy of being self-employed. My accountant is great and worth every penny. Think me and numbers and the potential for mistakes… yeah. He’s wonderful. 🙂

*Half-price chocolate after Valentine’s Day.

*First round self-edits for Errant Knight are done. Discovered I had 2 Chapter 13s. Really. Of all the chapters? It had to be 13. Only the heading, not the material, which means fixing all the chapter headings following.

*I’ve picked a cover for the Holiday, USA Anthology 2015, as well as the next 4 years following. Carol Fiorillo, my cover artist for my anthologies and for Desert Breeze made several examples, and I loved them all. Planning ahead.

*Chocolate cherry croissant at P.croissant and hot chocolate.

*Dog time.

*Books I enjoy.

*Time with my sister.

*Figured out the problem with Leap of Faith Day.

*Some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

*Trying Jamberry adhesives on my nails. I put them on Monday morning, and they’re still on and still look nice.

What was something good in your week?




  1. Sounds like a good week 🙂

    • It’s been kind of a rough week, but I’m endeavoring to focus on the good aspects.

      • Sorry that it’s been a rough week 😦

        • Thanks. God willing, the coming week will be better.

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