Posted by: Judy | February 9, 2016

Different Perspective on Goals…

How Not to Set Goals (S.M.A.R.T. goals are lame) video on YouTube by Brendon Burchard:

For some people, S.M.A.R.T. goals work great. I’ve struggled with them. I was curious about his perspective and agree with many of the commenters that a combination is necessary.

What captured me: His idea of setting a goal to be beautiful.

I like it. I want it. This idea is so beyond me.

I say, “I want to be healthy,” but on a deeper level I’m still thinking about losing weight. I know the thinking is “stuck.”

He’s right about me: A lot of my goals are distractions and opportunities to simply check off a list. I’m proud of myself for finishing, but I don’t feel uplifted. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve uplifted anyone else.

I struggle with losing focus on the purpose of my writing. I worry about sales, even as I know that when I started this adventure I said I would be happy if one of my stories lifted one other person.

I fail to enjoy the success of having done exactly that.

This year’s word is Consistent. So far, I’ve been pretty consistent. I think being happy for lifting another is more consistent than fretting about sales…

Being grateful is more consistent than fretting.




  1. In my opinion he missed the point. SMART goals purpose are all the building steps to get to the huge amazing goals. Journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step. First step – Measurable, obtainable, small, timely, the first step isn’t the goal it is simply the things need to reach the impossible.

    • I think he’s seen people limit themselves, maybe he did it himself. There are those who see the potential and those who are stuck in the lists. NM does this. She never does the big goals, instead settling for the achievable.

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