Posted by: Judy | January 17, 2016

A bit of inspiration…

This past week, has been a struggle. I’m behind on my writing. The deadline is fast approaching. A week ago, I had no idea how the story was going to go. I know, now, in general terms. The story unfolds itself with each word, but if I’m going to turn the manuscript in on time, I have to write much faster. At the same time, a lot of little things have been going wrong. In my head, I know the little things are distractions.

I know which plan to embrace and which to battle, but I’m tired and discouraged. This in no way means I’m giving up. I’m not. This doesn’t change the fact I’m tired.

This picture was posted on FB, quite a while ago:

Which plan will you choose?

Which plan will you choose?



  1. I wish you luck ❤

    • Thank you. ❤

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