Posted by: Judy | December 30, 2015

I’m discouraged… and grateful…

Writing, of course, is coming more slowly than I’d like.

My comfrey plants, the lone two survivors, are not doing well.

Some same-old/same-old stuff.

Wanting to fall into bed earlier than 11pm, but life happens. Things need to be done. I misjudge time.

Still not making entirely healthy food choices. Tummy is complaining. Yes, I know, this one is old, tired, worn, well used, whatever.

On the other side:

Not responding to buttons being pushed. Go me! Okay, I roll my eyes, but otherwise letting it go.

Eating better overall.

Writing is coming along. It’s changing, which terrifies me. Here’s the problem: I’ve always written out the story in one document, then rewritten it in the formatted document. The rewrite is an automatic major edit. I’m doing this less and less. Now, I’m writing a few scenes, and then writing in the new format. Why I think this is wrong, I don’t know. Maybe I need to allow myself to attempt the new method with Christmas Present. If it works, then Errant Knight will be written unlike any of my other books.



  1. Change can be scary. Maybe your creativity needs it, though?

    • I think so. As I walked this morning, I finally recognized what’s making the change so difficult: A little part of me keeps chanting, “What if you’re wrong?” My attempts to silence it aren’t working.

  2. It would seem as if you are already doing it, then your writing muse has already been pointing you in that direction. As hard as it is to trust changing a tried and true method that yields results, perhaps this is something fresh that will help your writing feel more alive. The one thing I think you can safely always trust is that you will deliver. Hope you are able to let go of the anxiety, and just allow yourself to disappear into the process. We’ll be quietly cheering you on from the sidelines. New Year – new writing style. šŸ™‚

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