Posted by: Judy | December 24, 2015

Good News Friday on Thursday

*I don’t know how I missed his postings on social media before, but I finally discovered David Rutherford of Team Froglogic has a blog!

*Saw this adorable commercial, last night, by Paper and Packages about a little boy missing his daddy in the military:

*I’ve been “bingeing” on early titles by Justine Davis. One of her characters expresses how difficult it is to live above a bakery. Memories flooded my mind. The first city I lived in, in Thailand, Korat, the apartment was across the street from a bakery. It was the rattiest place I lived in the whole sixteen months I was there, but definitely the best smelling. LOL! I was also relieved to discover right off they had bread.

*Good memories.

*Conversation with my sister.

*Christmas Present is unfolding, and I adore Carson and Terra. I’m so excited about sharing their story.

*I’m still reading Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind. She talked about being an encourager. I immediately thought: I want to be an encourager. I think this ties into my desire to be a blessing, but being an encourager is more specific. I know I do this sometimes, but I want to be more aware. I’m so grateful God leads me along one step at a time, for all the people He sends to guide me.

*I’m reading the Bible, every day. I’ve done this before, but it’s been a while. This is different. Always before, I read it with the milquetoast Jesus in mind. I’ve learned a few things. I’m reading it now with a greater depth of understanding. Jesus was both lamb and lion. I easily grasped the lamb aspect, as it’s what everyone is comfortable talking about. I’ve discovering the lion. I pray every day I stand on His side.

What was something good in your week?


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