Posted by: Judy | December 18, 2015

Good News Friday

*Dog time

*Reading is a pleasure.

*Saving my comfrey from freezing

*Christmas cacti is blooming.

*Reluctant Knight is available in paperback, at Amazon.

*Croissant and hot chocolate with my sister.

*Bavarian Cream croissant and hot chocolate on a cold morning, gathering my thoughts.

*Secondhand Samhain is taking longer than I’d hoped; however, as of this writing, in the rewrite, I’m at the 11,000-word mark in the original manuscript and at 16,000 words in the edited version. That’s a lot of material added. It’s a better story for it.

What was something good in your week?




  1. Found something just right as a gift for someone.

  2. My Christmas cactus probably won’t bloom this year (it usually is more of a thanksgiving cactus anyway). I repotted it early last month for the first time. I was terrified I’d was close to killing it (it used to belong to my grandmother who loved Christmas cacti), but I was right that it was just pot-bound. It looks much healthier now, but no buds.what color(s) are yours? Mine is this lovely peach when it blooms.

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