Posted by: Judy | December 16, 2015

Struggling not to panic…

Secondhand Samhain is way overdue, in my own mind.

Christmas Present is also way overdue, in my own mind.

Having both novellas overdue doesn’t help the fact that my next novel, Errant Knight, is due February 1st. It has dialogue written, not much.

I want to swear and curse, and do so in my head, wondering what I was thinking. I love my contemporary novella series. I also love my Regency series. I am head over heels in love with words.

I’m angry with myself because I did this to myself. I had planned to space things out so I wouldn’t end up with this end of year madness, and yet, here I am…

Of course, this end of year madness means I don’t have to engage in some of the more familiar holiday madness. Hmmm… hadn’t thought about that before.

I need to rethink this. I’m either really, really clever and creative in working an avoidance pattern to my advantage or I’m really really overthinking this. Either is possible.

Little weird things are going wrong. This worries me…

Ah, the heart of the matter.

Weird little things are going wrong… like someone is deliberately putting stumbling blocks in my way. My fear is that it’s me doing it to myself, except it isn’t… well, some of it is. I have Christmas packages to wrap and mail. However, my electronic calendar has taken to giving me an error message every few days. Oddball stuff like that drives me crazy.

God help me. It’s the only way.



  1. {{{{Judy}}}}

    • {{{{Judith}}}}

  2. Shot preliminary pictures. Will next week be soon enough?

    • Yep. It’s taking longer to rewrite than I’d hoped. I’m learning.

      • OK. Taking some more tomorrow. Hopefully I can give you a pictorial rough draft on Monday.

        • Thank you!

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