Posted by: Judy | December 11, 2015

Good News Friday

*I baked a couple of my chocolate chip cookies for National Cookie Day. I use rice chex instead of oatmeal (to which I’m allergic). Love hot cookies out of the oven. I use a 1″ scoop, freeze the individual size cookies, and pull out two to bake in the toaster oven whenever I want warm cookies.

*Yummy croissants and hot chocolate at P.croissant.

*Time with my sister.

*Dog time.

*Monthly get-together at P.croissant with my writing friends. We exchanged Christmas gifts, caught up on our lives (one of the ladies went on an amazing cruise), encouraged each other, decided to work through the book Steering the Craft together, and laughed a lot.

*I’m liking Evan Sanders’ program so far. 🙂

What was something good in your week?



  1. I’ve been meaning to blog something, but always seem to get distracted when I sit down at the computer to write something. Short attention span, apparently. LOL

    But I do have many things that qualify for Good News Friday:

    My niece made me oatmeal raisin cookies last week (my favorite).
    My brother from Arlington is coming for another visit next weekend.
    Had a week-long visit with my sister from Tennessee last week.
    My sister that lives here in town is staying with me next week.
    Both of my sons are coming for a visit this weekend.

    Lots of family time lately. It wears me out a bit, but it’s been good.

    • Good news! I’ll pray for you to have the energy you need. 🙂

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