Posted by: Judy | December 7, 2015

Never Forget

I endeavor to remember:

One of my middle school teachers was serving at Pearl Harbor. He shared a few stories. I admired him and sort of felt like an adopted granddaughter or niece. I even visited him at his home a few times, not far from mine. He’s long since passed into the West.

How very different he was from the teacher I had the following year who also served in the military. Now I think back, though, the second one intimidated me a bit, but I liked him.

What do you know… a few good memories.




  1. With the word being what it is today it is so easy to discount and forget the tragedies of the past, like the day that will live in infamy.

    • I don’t know why remembering past tragedies is grounding for me, but it is. Maybe because it’s a reminder that horrible things happened before and the world continued. Perhaps it helps me remember the sacrifices made and to live happier in honor of those sacrifices.

  2. Such a good perspective.

    • 🙂

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