Posted by: Judy | December 3, 2015

The Snow is Back…

Today is a hodgepodge of disjointed thoughts, insights, bits and bobs.

*What a lovely surprise to see the snow on my blog, again.

*I’m happy. I don’t understand it myself. I’m embracing it.

*Nothing has changed in regards to NM and EF. I can’t bring myself to waste much energy on the insanity.

*It’s difficult for me to concentrate on much of anything with three stories rattling around in my head, Secondhand Samhain, a Christmas novella, and Errant Knight, the third book in the Endless Knights series.

*My prayers are with those in need of comfort and courage in San Bernardino.

*Please God, help me to remember to never, ever buy pie, unless I’m sharing it. It’s worse than ice cream or potato chips, with which I have a little more self-control.

*Friday is National Cookie Day.

*Next Wednesday is National Pastry Day.

*This particular collection of pictures were taken because I love how the sun lights some and shadows some.



  1. It’s a beautiful photo, Judy. I always look forward to seeing what sky pics you’re going to add to your post. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

    • Thank you. Arizona has sunny skies pretty much year around, so clouds are a treat. 🙂 I have more pictures of the roses in the yard coming up. Sharing the pictures helps me appreciate the beauty again and again. You’re most welcome. ((Kara))

      • Looking forward to see the pics of the roses 🙂 ((Judy))

        • 🙂

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