Posted by: Judy | November 24, 2015

A little more decluttering…

I worked through the work aspect. Not finished but not as cluttered as before.

I want to face my physical decluttering. Yes, this is something I’ve covered before, and now I’m back at it. I think I’m making progress, this time.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I think about the messed up ankle that has messed up my knee. My hip is also complaining. Back is now and forever a mess. Then there is still the arm that doesn’t straighten. *pfft* I think it may be damage in the upper arm. Doesn’t matter. I’ve babied and worked to improve things. Nothing changes much. Time to stop babying and exercise, without being a maniac.

The 200 minutes of exercise every week is better than anything else I’ve attempted. It’s flexible with what I do and when I do it. With the new determination to become healthier, I’m walking in the mornings and the evenings. It takes a lot of pressure off if I don’t have to accomplish all my walking in the morning. I’m doing my physical therapy and upper body workout with and without 1-lb weights. I think I’ve lost about 3 lb. I’m still bouncing around 3 lb, but it’s 3 lb lower, if that makes sense.

The Yehuda Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares are working out as a great potato chip/cracker replacement. Sometimes it’s lunch, along with string cheese and a few pieces of pepperoni. Did I mention that the combination also satisfies my pizza cravings? Add a bit of dried fruit, a few nuts, pieces of dark chocolate covered fruit, like pomegranates, and it’s a lovely lunch or afternoon snack. I even let myself cheat and eat an extra square in the evening if I’m munchie. It works for me. I’m more aware of what I’m eating, making conscious choices, making healthier choices. A piece of celery every day. I’m also making a cup of herbal tea every morning.

Yes, I’m still enjoying visits to P.croissant. However, I’m learning to think about what else I eat on those days.

Big test coming: Thanksgiving.


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