Posted by: Judy | November 10, 2015

Comfrey Update…

I’m quite proud of the progress. I need a positive post. The start:


The above seeds didn’t survive. However, I’d also planted seeds in starter pods. I didn’t think they survived either. I put them outside, unwilling to admit defeat. Months later:


Surprise! I gave them their own pots. Most of them didn’t survive either. These are the survivors:


They’re growing. Here they are, a few days ago:


I did wonder if they were really comfrey. The one in the terra cotta pot dries out faster than the one in the plastic pot. I found it the other day with its leaves “wilting.” The leaves were laying on the dirt. I watered it, and a short while later, viola! Comfrey is an awesome indicator for when watering is needed.



  1. Woohoo, you have comfrey. You did it. Patience paid off. Well done.

    • Yes, I do. Now I have to keep it alive. 🙂

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