Posted by: Judy | November 4, 2015

Following a change…

…for me. The first picture was taken last November. The last picture was taken, yesterday. Many things in my room never change or so little it isn’t noticeable. However, the dog bed behind my chair and desk… I couldn’t move it. There are moments when I feel certain she’s still there. True or not doesn’t matter. It’s comforting. I don’t need the space. Actually, I use it for short-term storage. Okay, what should be short-term but usually isn’t. My desk isn’t big enough for much more than my computer and printer, with a shelf above holding my Bible, my books, my favorite books, and whatever I’m reading at the moment.

Over the years, I’ve discovered the bed is actually indicative of how I’m doing.

This was the space a year ago, November 2014:


The popcorn tins were empty. Okay, two of the three were empty. This makes me sad, to see how cluttered everything is.

This is December 2014:


Not much better. Actually, a few things have been put away.

March 2015:


I moved the extra books to storage.

October 2015:


I was thinking this would be the best I could do.

November 2015:


Not bad. I think this may be as good as it gets. I’m happy with it.

For the record, I did try clearing it completely, once. It was so empty. Enough “stuff” to not feel empty. Effective for my clipboards. One clipboard is for keeping track of my schedule for the week. The other is for when I need to put pen to paper for my writing. I keep family trees of my characters on my story clipboard.

Some people will still think it’s messy. It is. Messy enough to be comfortable and no longer so messy I felt swamped. I may neaten it more, eventually. For now, I’m content.


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