Posted by: Judy | November 3, 2015

Compliments that aren’t…

Over on FB, Darlene on Emerging from Broken talked about compliments that aren’t. Her experience was heartbreaking like so many. She has had the courage to face the past and learn to be healthy.

I wasn’t ready to let go of my comment, so I’m sharing it here:

I’m waiting for the backhand… “You’re so pretty. Losing weight would help you feel better.” “Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Greenery would make them so much prettier.” “You make such great desserts. They’re terrible for my diet.” The unspoken “but” in the sentence. The qualifier. Just as I had to learn to say, “Thank you,” and shut up when complimented, some people need to compliment and shut up. Except, it isn’t about the compliment at all. The compliment was a hook to reel me in for scaling, flaying, and frying. My counselor helped me recognize the difference between a compliment and chum for the shark.

By the way, all the pictures I’m sharing are pictures I took with my little digital camera. Yes, I’m quite pleased with how well they turned out. This is a sunrise.




  1. I love the wispy clouds.

    • Me, too.

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