Posted by: Judy | October 31, 2015

Saturday Silliness…

Note: I lied. Sorry. Just Friends isn’t downloaded yet. I’m disappointed in myself, but it is coming soon.

A sweet friend on FB posted this, and I thought it appropriate for the day. Thank you, Smaug, from The Hobbit. Now, you know:




  1. Ok, Judy. “I’m disappointed in myself.” It makes me sad to hear your being so unfairly harsh to yourself. Whatever caused you to not be able to download your story, it surely can’t be so terrible that you need to put yourself down. Hugs and lovely thought being sent your way…

    • ((Judith)) Thanks for the reminder. Rough week: Lost job; losing insurance; and didn’t meet my deadline, the one thing I did have some control over.

  2. Not downloading is not your fault. Your editor, me, was exhausted this week and a tired brain is lousy at editing. I love “Just Friends”. Hugs.

    • It worked out for the best. Thank you! ((Ruth))

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