Posted by: Judy | October 28, 2015


My last client called to let me know today would be my last day. He hadn’t received any notice either. I actually feel worse for him than for me. He had everything scheduled for the next two months. I knew the end was coming but was simply biding my time. For quite some time now, I’ve had the nagging impression that if I didn’t stop allowing other things to distract me God would arrange for distractions to be removed. For the next while, I’ll be focusing on my writing. God help.

I’ve posted this before, but I needed the reminder. I’ve had the distinct impression that God has been leading me here:


Yes, I was shocked. I didn’t cry. I was able to finish what I’d scheduled for the day. I still haven’t panicked. This is not what I planned, but I have a strong sense that this is what God intended all along. I feel like God’s been preparing me all along for this change. Am I afraid? A little bit. This is a leap of faith. I’m trusting God to catch me or teach me to fly.



  1. Several years ago when I was laid off, one morning I clearly heard God’s Spirit whisper to my mind, “I will not let you fall.” And there’s not a day that’s gone by in which those words have failed. He is faithful–and he will not let you fall either. Blessings on you in this new season of faith.

    • Thank you so much. I needed the reminder. I feel like I’m new at this. I suppose, in a way, I am. 🙂

  2. Trusting that there is a plan that is bigger than we can imagine, and trusting that it really does all work out okay in the end … well, it’s sometimes not so easy to quiet that feeling of panic that tries to surface when unexpected news comes our way. I see these as reminders that planning is good, but part of planning means that we try to remember to be prepared for the unexpected. Even if you sensed it was coming, hearing it in black and white has a way of awakening that “now what?” echo that stars ringing in our ears.

    Hang in there, and when you feel the anxiety beginning to crowd your thoughts, try to replace them with the assurance that you’ve survived other big changes, and this is no different – this is just another change; a shift; a different path. Hugs, Nancy

    • You’re right. ((Nancy))

  3. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    • Much appreciated!

  4. Hugs

    • ((Ruth))

  5. I think it’s amazing that even if you where shocked you were able to finish what you were up to, and that you also felt that this was the Lords way of talking to you. Stay in that feeling.
    It’s like the eagle who throw him self out in the air, and there is no connection with the ground, but the wings carry him.
    May God bless you a lot.

    • Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement.

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