Posted by: Judy | October 25, 2015

Inspiration from Send Sunshine

A few weeks ago, Jessica Edouard shared one of her pretty pictures with this quote: Your light offers Hope to some who may have forgotten.

Others you aren’t even aware of may look to you. Keep the candle burning.




  1. I’m going to post a serious answer to a light-hearted post. Many years ago, when I was participating in a healing group for women who had been sexually assaulted, one of the themes we talked about is how it is sometimes hard for people who have been psychologically or emotionally or physically damaged in some way to realize that they have anything within them that could possibly be of value to another person. People who have experienced any sort of traumatic event where someone failed to honor the beautiful person within them, tend to slide into that other category, where low self esteem and the idea of having no value seems to have room to flourish.

    But as we all know by now, sometimes it is the smallest of things that you share with someone that might be just exactly what they needed to hear that day. Maybe they are too embroiled in their own uncertainty or fear or sadness to reach out, so you don’t even have a clue how badly they are suffering. If we just keep sending out kindness, sometimes it might accidentally land on someone that is really in need of a bit of kindness that day, even if they don’t have the ability to ask for it.

    It’s a daunting responsibility, really. To be asked to speak every word as if it might be falling on the ears of a person who is desperately in need of some kindness. For years we would do something that we called “A-OK today”. We would ask one another “are you A-OK today?”, which was code for “are you doing well enough in your own journey that you are being able to spread acts of kindness (A-OK) in every direction? Even though that group is no longer in touch, I still think of them all, and often. I hope they are doing A-OK. Thanks for a good reminder that we really do need to make the effort.

    • Yes! We never know when the tiniest thing shines a light in the darkness for someone else. We think it’s only a spark while the person affected sees it as a bonfire. I love the A-OK idea. Thank you so much for sharing ((ntexas99))

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